Achieving Unique Game Mechanics

Video Game Development Tips

Creating a unique game is a challenge developers face on a daily basis. With so many games quickly released and forgotten, how do developers make their game stand out from the crowd? This is often done through the implementation of unique game mechanics. Here are five tips to help developers create unique and memorable game mechanics.

Planning: Planning is essential when attempting to create unique game mechanics. Sit down with the development team and brainstorm possible mechanics that would fit with the desired theme and aesthetic of the game. Consider and discuss what the benefits of each mechanic would be and how they would be implemented. Also consider how to balance these mechanics with the rest of the game to avoid them becoming too powerful or broken.

Playtesting: Keep a notebook or logbook and take notes from playtests. Make sure to have a wide range of players take part in the playtests and observe how they interact and use the newly created game mechanics. This feedback will be invaluable when fine-tuning the mechanic and tweaking it to make sure it works as intended.

Theming: Make sure the theme of the game and newly created mechanics go hand in hand. For example, in an RPG the theme may revolve around knights and dragons – then it makes sense to have a game mechanic incorporating sword fighting or dragon slaying. Having mechanics that relate to the game’s theme will make the game more meaningful and enjoyable.

Balancing: Balancing all the mechanics to ensure they are not too powerful or broken is key. The development team should carefully consider how different players will interact with the various mechanics in the game and try to find a balance that works. If necessary, get other players and developers to test out the newly created mechanics and note any changes or adjustments they feel are necessary.

Interaction: Try to create game mechanics that encourage players to interact with each other. This is especially important if the game is online or multiplayer. Cooperative game mechanics, such as trading, crafting or building, often foster a sense of community and deepen the game’s experience.

Developers should think about how to combine game mechanics to create a unique game experience. By following these five tips, developers can create unique and enjoyable game mechanics that will help their game stand out from the crowd. Have fun building something new and exciting that players will love!

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