Creating an Engaging Tutorial: Tips From Game Dev Pros

Video Game Development Tips

Creating a tutorial for your game can be one of the toughest parts of the development process. It sets the stage for the player to understand the game and its mechanics, so it needs to be both fun and informative. Experienced game developers share their tips and tricks on creating an engaging tutorial that will bring the player into your game world from the first moment.

Start with the basics: Due to the complexity of many games, it can be tempting to dive straight into in-depth instructions. A good tutorial starts with the basics, such as player movement and how to interact with the game. This gives the player time to absorb the basics before diving into more complex concepts, helping to ensure they have a good handle on the game.

Keep it focused: Tutorials should focus only on the essential elements of the game. It’s easy to get sidetracked on teaching unimportant elements of the game, and this should be avoided. The tutorial should be dense and focused, with as few elements introduced at once as possible.

Explain why, not just how: Gameplay tutorials should explain the purpose of each mechanic, not just how to do it. For example, a tutorial should explain why a player should use a specific item, not just that they can use it. This will help the player understand why certain actions are important within the game.

Use visuals: Tutorials should employ visuals as much as possible. Images can explain complex concepts easily and can make a tutorial more interesting. Visuals can also be used in combination with explanations, making sure the player fully understands every element of the game.


Creating an engaging tutorial for your game can be a challenge. With these tips from experienced game developers, you can make sure your tutorial sets a solid foundation for your players before they dive into your game world.

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