Game Design Opportunity Lost: Limiting Creativity

Video Game Development Tips

Creating captivating game designs can be a daunting task. Every step of the way, developers are forced to make difficult decisions in order to bring the best experience possible for their players. However, too often these decisions can result in opportunities lost in the creative process.

When developers are challenged with limited resources or confined within the boundaries of a pre-set universe, it can be a hindrance on the ability to create and experiment. Not allowing the creative process to stretch out and explore the full scope of what’s possible for a game can be a massive missed opportunity.

In open-world games, for example, a designer’s hands are often tied in order to keep the game and its mechanics consistent with the bounds of the universe. Decisions about the rules which govern the game must be made and often the creativity has to be sacrificed in favor of consistency.

Furthermore, the availability of resources can often be a limitation. Whether the resources come down to a restriction of personnel or just budget cuts, a developer’s ability to add the necessary bells and whistles can be greatly hindered. This can be a difficult obstacle to climb, as some of the best game mechanics and visual experiences come from creative and expansive resources.

At the end of the day, creativity is an essential part of game development. It’s best to try and find the balance between the pressures of consistency, limitations, and constraints and the need to create a captivating experience. Overlooking opportunities lost can result in missed potential for the game’s success.

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