How to Prototype Games Faster

Video Game Development Tips

Developing a game can be daunting, especially when needing to create a prototype quickly. Here are five tips for streamlining the prototype process and speeding your development time.

1. Establish Goals. Start by clearly outlining what you are trying to achieve with the game and setting expectations of how long the process should take.

2. Research. Find out what resources you have to work with. Look at successful game prototypes for ideas and inspirations.

3. Simplify. Focus on the core mechanics first and break your game into manageable pieces. Identify what’s important and what can wait.

4. Test Often. Test every aspect of the game in-progress. Don’t wait until the prototype is finished to make sure it’s working.

5. Iterate & Refine. Make adjustments and improvements based on feedback and playtesting. Don’t be afraid to scrap a feature or idea if it’s not working out.

By following these tips and being mindful of the development process, you will be able to create a prototype faster and get one step closer to the finished game.

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