Leveling Up Your Game Development

Video Game Development Tips

The core of game development is in its process of creation. It’s no secret that the most successful games have gone through an extensive process of improvement and refinement, and this is no different for independent developers. To take your game development skills to the next level, mastering the fundamentals of the build-play-feedback loop is essential.

The build-play-feedback loop is at the core of the game development workflow and on its most basic level involves creating a part of your game, playing it to test it and gather feedback, and then iterating on it. This process happens over and over again as your game evolves from its initial prototype to its final full release.

Many developers form tight knit communities to work with when seeking feedback on their games, allowing them to collaborate and improve their projects together. Seeking out advice and ideas from experienced developers can be invaluable, adding a level of expertise to your development process and helping you to make the best possible game. Working with a community also creates an accountability structure, and encourages developers to be more proactive in developing their games.

Finally, setting goals for development can help to structure your project. Whether it’s outlining an exact feature list for your game or assigning yourself a timeline for completion, having tangible objectives in place can help keep your development process moving along.

By mastering the fundamentals of build-play-feedback, seeking out advice from experienced developers and setting tangible goals for development, you’ll be well on your way to taking your game development up a notch and producing the best possible experiences for your players.

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