The Art of Debugging: Best Practices

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Debugging a game can be one of the most frustrating processes a developer can undertake. Despite this, it’s also one of the most beneficial. When done properly, debugging can help identify and eliminate problems, improve performance, and ensure the game runs smoothly. With that in mind, here are some best practices to help make the debugging process more efficient.

Understand the Problem
The first step in any debugging process is to understand the problem at hand. It’s important to identify any key symptoms that can help pinpoint the problem. Once the problem is clearly identified, it should be documented to help formulate a strategy for resolving it.

Use the Right Tools
Debugging tools are essential in helping to identify and fix problems more efficiently. The most common tools used in game development include debugging engines like GDEbugger, and memory profilers, such as Valgrind. Additionally, there are various debuggers for specific platforms, like Visual Studio for Windows, and XCode for MacOS.

Test Early, Test Often
Testing is an important part of debugging, and needs to be done systematically. Different parts of the code should be tested for bugs, and any changes should be regularly tested to make sure the game still works.

Analyze Documentation
Reading the documentation should also be part of the debugging process. Documentation can help provide insight into potential issues, as well as helpful tips or warnings for certain functions or events.

Choose the Right Path
When debugging, it’s important to have a plan of attack. It’s best to follow a strategic approach by tackling the largest issues first, as well as prioritizing the most time-sensitive problems. This can help ensure the debugging process runs as smoothly as possible.

By understanding the problem, using the right tools, testing early and often, analyzing documentation, and choosing the right path, a developer can save time and make debugging a much smoother process.

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