Turning Player Choices Into Real Consequences

Video Game Development Tips

Choice and consequence is a fundamental part of game design that makes any title immersive and engaging. Players want to be the architect of their own story, and developers must value their decisions. If players choose to go left instead of right, make sure something important follows that decision.

The very first thing to consider when implementing consequences is to allow for multiple outcomes. This means giving the player the freedom to find multiple paths to the same destination, or even to choose between different outcomes. If you create enough of these paths and choices, the game will become significantly more interesting for the player.

The next step is making sure the consequences are meaningful. It is essential to ensure that the player feels that their choices actually matter. This could mean giving them a boost in character development, upgrading their equipment, or even unlocking extra secrets or items. By giving the player a feeling of control, they will be more likely to stick with the game for longer and become more invested in the story and environment.

In addition to giving the player control, it is also important to provide feedback. Let them know exactly what their choices have led to or how it will affect the game in the long run. This could be as simple as a popup notification or reaching a new checkpoint. By providing feedback, the player can easily understand the consequences of their decisions.

Finally, make sure the consequences are consistent. If players make different decisions, but end up with the same result, it’s going to be difficult to keep them engaged. Instead, try to create unique rewards that are tailored to each decision they make. This could be anything from a new weapon, to a dramatic shift in the storyline, or even a bonus level.

Choice and consequence is essential to a successful game development experience. By letting players make decisions and responding with meaningful consequences, players will become more invested in the game and the story. This will increase their engagement, as well as the length of time that they stay in the game. As a developer, it is essential to pay attention to the choices the player makes and to provide feedback and consistency in the consequence of those decisions.

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